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Why limit your riding to the daytime hours? We have a wide of bike lights to both see and be seen.
LED and battery technology has evolved quickly over the last few years and you’ll be impressed with the range of lights on offer from top brands like Lezyne, Blackburn, and Evo.

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Lezyne Hecto Drive 400XL

CNC’d aluminum body creates a durable shell while also working to dissipate heat. Choose between steady, flashing, and daytime disruptive flash modes in different brightness levels depending on your needs. Maximum 400 lumen output or up to 17.5hr runtime on eco mode.

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Lezyne Micro Drive Pro 650XL

Same design features as the 400XL, but with a 650 lumen output. Great for lighting the trail or a bikepath without street lighting. USB rechargeable with up to 72hr runtime on eco mode.

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Lezyne KTV Drive

Available as a front or rear light, the KTV is a compact light designed to keep you visible on your commute. Waterproof design with a built in USB plug for recharging makes this an extremely simple and convenient light.

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Blackburn Dayblazer 125

Blackburns brightest and safest rear light yet! 270 degree side visibility and 125 lumen Blitz daytime mode will give you confidence in any conditions. Includes a seatpost mount or use it with the best bag clip design on the market.

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