“We are dreamers, story tellers, and passionate history junkies.  We love Vancouver in all of its diversity.  We appreciate scenic vistas and little known nooks and crannies.  We are nature lovers.  We take the road less travelled. We love meeting new people and showing them this beautiful corner of the country.  We  love to ride bikes and laugh.”


Josh – Founder + Chief Pedaler

Josh BloomfieldGrowing up in the prairies of friendly Manitoba, Josh is passionate about sustainable travel, particularly the self propelled type.   After realizing the world of Finance was not for him, he set off to travel the world in 2005. Over several years his travels took him to such places as Brazil to study capoeira, a Brazilian martial art/dance/music, a rural village in Japan, and to Cambodia where he interned at a non-profit and guided his first bike tour – a 3 week, 1000km educational tour of the country.

Realizing that travel had the ability to shift perspectives and “tread lightly,” he decided to test these ideas over 4,000km of pedalling following the Mekong river from Phnom Penh, Cambodia to the border of Tibet in China.  The experience sealed his belief that a journey is truly about the people you meet and learn from along the way.  Josh continues paying it forward, sharing stories about Vancouver and making new friends who join his bike tours.

He is particularly interested in First Nations topics, Pacific temperate rainforest ecology, and Vancouver’s food scene!


Matt –  As a recovering “auto-holic” Matt traded in his automotive career and 4 wheels in 2009 for 2 wheels and foot power. Hasn’t looked back since. Originally from Ontario, Matt now lives in the West End of Vancouver his home for the last five years and counting. What he’s learned about this stunning city, he’s excited to share with you. He blends his love of local history with his passion for “Vancouver living” into stories “en and on” route. He’s a veritable “cycling historian.” #Cycling #History #Snowboarding #AllthingsVancouver #Foodie #AppleLover


NickNick –  is forever trying to sustain that childhood sense of wonder and discovery.  Coasting through the open air on a bike is a particularly efficient way to achieve this. Though it has been over a decade since he caught the ol’ freight train out west from Ottawa, he still considers himself lucky to have landed on the west coast. Climbing mountains to find complete solitude, then coming back down to join in the grand human experiment we call Vancouver – Nick finds beauty in that balance.

Music is his chosen window for understanding the world. Nick plays with local bands ranging from Latin jazz to old-school hip hop, and hosts a weekly global music show on CJSF community radio. He is fascinated with the intersections of cultural traditions, and believes that genuine openness can be achieved through musical exploration. While completing a degree in Communications and Anthropology,

Nick spent time studying in Paris, where he dusted off his French vocabulary and
acquired an insatiable taste for the unfamiliar. After visiting the hidden corners of
cities like Berlin and Amsterdam on bicycle, he is dedicated to offering travelers a
similarly thrilling experience of Vancouver.

Nick’s other interests include potato pancakes, the wisdom of ancient civilizations,
and disc golf.


Ifny –  Its hard to summarize someone as diverse and awesome as Ifny.  Basically she is an amazing human being and award winning tour guide (seriously, she won a Vancouver Tourism Award!), known throughout Vancouver for her colourful socks, endless knowledge and stories, and vivacious spirit.  Ifny

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