Rental bikes are always available! Our Hornby St shops are open for tours and rentals and service everyday from 9am-8pm! The Burrard shop is now open daily from 9am-5pm!



If you don’t know where to go, or are looking for things to see, let us know! We may not know the winning lottery numbers, but we can share our best picks for great eats and cool sights around Vancouver.


648 Hornby St. Vancouver,
BC, V6C 2G2
Rentals always available

604 618 8626


Our Hornby location is conveniently located on a dedicated bike path, in close proximity to major hotels in
downtown and in close proximity to Sky Train and bus stops.  Transit planning tool.

We recommend walking, taxi, or transit as most major hotels and skytrain stops are within an easy 10 minute

Driving Directions:
Cycle City Rentals Hornby

There are two parkades on our Block just past our shop on the left and right. Like many lots in downtown, sadly they are somewhat pricey ($25.00 per day) but much cheaper on weekends ($5.5o)!

Parking lots (accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
Impark Lot on Hornby

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