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Exploring Vancouver by bike is the best way to see and experience everything the city has to offer. But it can also be challenging, which is why electric bikes have become so popular in Vancouver. This city has its fair share of hills, and riding up and down them can be a sweat-inducing endeavour. 

Advancements in bicycle technology over the past few years have resulted in a wide range of e-bike options designed to flatten hills and take the effort out of cycling. 

We’ve added a huge fleet of e-bike rentals, so visitors and locals alike can experience the joys of cycling in Vancouver without breaking a sweat.

What is an E-Bike?

An e-bike, or electric-assist bicycle, is a bicycle that has an electric motor to boost the rider’s pedalling.

While there are many different types of e-bikes, including some with throttles, Cycle City’s e-bikes use the “pedal-assist” system. With this type of e-bike, the motor kicks in when the rider pedals. The harder you pedal, the harder the motor works. The result feels just like riding a normal, except you’ve magically become way stronger.

If you can ride a normal bicycle, you can ride a pedal-assist bicycle. There’s no learning curve, and our rental staff if there to teach you about the different electronic systems. We also provide detailed maps and bike ride ideas so you can make the most of your trip.

Why Ride an E-Bike?

E-bikes are a great choice for anyone who loves bicycling but doesn’t have the fitness (or desire) to tackle hills or work up a sweat.

If you have knee problems, need to transport heavy items (like kids) by bike, or simply want to cruise around and enjoy yourself with less effort, then e-bikes are the ride for you!

Even if you’re a regular cyclist, e-bikes are just plain fun, and we encourage anyone to come down and give them a try to see what all the fuss is about.

Vancouver E-Bike Rentals

step through e-bike
Premium Step-Through E-Bike
Powerful hydraulic disc brakes make sure you can stop on short order. With a range of up to 90 KMs, these bikes guarantee a full day of easy adventure no matter the incline or distance.
Specialized E-Bike
Premium City E-Bike
This E-bike offers an upright and comfortable riding position just like our City Bike but with the added boost of a mid-drive pedal assist system. With a range of up to 90 KMs, these bikes guarantee a full day of easy adventure no matter the incline or distance.

Vancouver E-Bike Tours

vancouver e-bike tours

We also offer daily guided e-bike tours for those looking to get the most of their visit to Vancouver. Join one of our expert guides for a in-depth look at the history, culture, and geography of this beautiful city.

Our e-bike tours show off the highlights: Stanley Park, English Bay, False Creek, Chinatown and Gastown, in a relaxed, easy-to-follow format. Check out some of the city’s most beautiful views from the comfort of off-road trails and dedicated bike infrastructure. They’re a breeze for all fitness levels!

Cycle City Tours and Rentals is open year-round, seven days a week. We offer daily guided bicycle tours and rentals from downtown Vancouver. Interested in purchasing an e-bike? Visit our online store to view Kona & Specialized e-bikes for sale.

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