The Stanley

“Temperate Rainforest and more!”

Departs: Mon-Fri 1pm, Sat/Sun 9:30am
- 3 hours, ~9km – 12km/5 miles
- $34.00 plus bike rental
- Easy – Good for all biking abilities


Stanley Park is truly one of the most beautiful parks in the world. This unique tour includes a perfect mixture of both trail riding and seawall cruising. Highlights include in depth information about the biodiversity of the temperate rainforest, the history of the coastal first nations and their legendary totem poles, as well as an abundance of  hidden treasures and stories that the park has accumulated over its 125 year history.

Stanley Park is also uniquely situated with incredibly scenic views of downtown Vancouver, the North Shore , The Lion’s Gate Bridge, as well as English Bay and the Westside. Our guides will weave you down the pristine forest trails that criss-cross through the park, and give incisive information about our amazing wilderness city. This is definitely more than just a ride in the park. You will walk or ride away with a deeper understanding of both Vancouver and its green treasure.

An easy 9-10 km ride on dedicated bike trails.  We always ride at a relaxed pace to take in the sights, so anyone with moderate fitness can easily do this ride!


Recent Reviews

“Great tour, excellent guide”
The guide was friendly and shared interesting information about Stanley Park and the sights surrounding the park. We actually made our way through the park and learned a lot about it’s history. This tour is certainly better then just renting a bike and riding around the sea wall. CommanderC, August 2012

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