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For this holiday season, Cycle City has stocked its shelves with all kinds of goodies! Here are our top five items to gift a cyclist that already seems to have it all.  Stop by our shop at 646 Hornby St.

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Spurcycle – Bell, key ring, tools, bag

Spurcycle bells are the best out there, bar none.  The Spurcycle bells ring 3x longer than normal bells, are made in the US from stainless steel and brass, fit road drop bars beautifully, and come in a raw or black finish. The rest of Spurcycle’s accessories are also premium quality for those with discerning tastes.  

The Multi Pouch is made from lightweight, durable Dyneema Composite Fabric and can be folded or snapped together to fit into your jersey pocket or backpack! Come in to our shop to see what other Spurcycle items we have in store.

Ti Key Clip – The Spurcycle Ti Key Clip is the classiest way to keep your keys on a carabiner.  It’s made from Titanium and doubles as a bottle opener.

Ti Bit Tool – The T-handle multi-tool is easy to use with good leverage and comes with a tidy carrying case that has extra space for some coffee stop cash.

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Specialized ANGi Helmet Technology

ANGi is a crash-detecting technology that links with your smartphone. Download the Specialized app, connect your smartphone and ANGi sensor, and let Specialized worry about the rest.  Program your ANGi sensor to contact your loved ones for help in the event of a crash and the sensor will send them your exact location. ANGi also doubles as a ride tracker for recording your ride and uploading to apps like Strava.  We have both the ANGi sensor to attach to a helmet your loved one already owns, and helmets for sale that include an ANGi sensor. 

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Ottolock HEXBAND Kevlar Lock

The new Ottolock HEXBAND lock is extra tough, lightweight and compact.  It uses six stainless steel band layers that are wrapped in a military-grade synthetic fiber jacket, making it resistant to shearing tools and cable cutters. This lock is ideal for taking on a long ride followed by a quick stop at a brewery or coffee shop. Feel safe, but don’t feel the heavy burden of your daily use lock! We have a variety of colours and sizes available to fit the needs of your loved one.

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Gore Shakedry cap 

The Gore Shakedry Cap is the ultimate winter cycling cap.  Gore-tex Shakedry is the top-of-the-line waterproof material: take it off, give it a shake, and it will dry right off!  It offers a perfect fit and protection from the rain, and the brim is designed to keep rain out of your eyes without blocking your view.  This is perfect for winter commuters or cyclists that aren’t afraid to train in the rain.

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Lights that are meant to be used during the day time 

Daytime running lights are one of the best ways to increase cyclist visibility on the road.  Proven for cars and just starting to gain traction for bikes, these lights are designed with lenses that focus the light so drivers can see cyclists easily.  Feel good about gifting these lights, because you are giving the gift of improved safety! 

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Gift Cards

Still not sure which gift is right for the cyclist on your list?  Give them a gift card and fret no more. Gift cards can also be used for bike repairs and can be purchased for tune-up packages specifically.  A well-tuned bike never goes out of style. For a limited time, receive a 10% discount on all Cycle City Gift Cards purchased before Dec 15, 2019. Just mention this blog post!

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