A family biking together in Vancouver, enjoying their rentals from Cycle City.

Originally published June 28, 2021, Refreshed April 18, 2024

Family biking in Vancouver is one of the best ways to get out and enjoy the city this season. The city’s parks, beaches, outdoor swimming pools, and splash pads are connected by hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes, trails, and routes. Don’t forget to stop for ice cream!

Cycle City is here to support you with high-quality equipment for the whole family, along with detailed bike maps and friendly advice.  We offer a selection of customizable packages for families to book with ease and convenience. Each package pairs bikes or e-bikes with trailers or child seats, ensuring everyone can indulge in the power of the pedal (packages start at $69 for two regular bikes and a child seat for half-day rental – 5-hours).

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If you are unsure about what equipment is best for your family, here is a quick guide to our rental equipment. 



Ready to embark on a family biking adventure? Cycle City has got you covered with our range of child, kids, and youth bike rentals! Whether your little ones are just learning to pedal or your older kids are ready to explore alongside you, we have the perfect bikes to make your family outing fun and memorable. Our selection is designed to cater to all ages and skill levels, ensuring everyone can join in on the joy of cycling. So, gather up the family, pick your bikes, and get ready to explore the sights together on two wheels.

Check out our kid’s rental fleet pricing here.


Got a young adventurer in the family eager to keep pace on your cycling outings around Vancouver? Check out the Youth Bike. Light enough for easy handling thanks to its aluminum frame, and with 12 speeds, it’s perfect for kids aged 7-10 years with an inseam of 22-25 inches (55-63 cm). This bike is all about letting them enjoy the ride right alongside you, without any fuss. Ideal for family adventures, it ensures everyone gets in on the fun, comfortably and safely. 

 20" Youth Bike by Norco in Orange


Looking for a bike that’ll let your young rider or early teen keep up with the pack? The Norco bike is your answer. With its lightweight aluminum frame and 12 speeds, it’s built for speed and ease of handling. Perfect for kids aged 9-12 years old with an inseam of 24-28 inches (60-72 cm), this bike is all about empowering them to ride confidently alongside you. Get ready for some family cycling adventures where keeping up with the kids is the name of the game.

A red Norco youth bike



For families hitting the bike trails with a little one in tow, the Topeak rear-mounted child seat is a game-changer. Designed for children aged 1-4 years old (and up to 22 kg or 48.5 lb), it’s all about keeping your kiddo secure and comfy on the go. With adjustable footrests and a three-point safety harness, you can pedal away knowing your child is snug and safe behind you. It’s the perfect way to enjoy those family rides, ensuring everyone from the tiniest member and up gets to join in on the fun!

A Topeak yellow and silver rear mounted child's bike seat



Ready to make family rides a total breeze? Check out the Trail-A-Bike. It hooks right onto the back of mom or dad’s bike, so when the little ones start to feel tired, they don’t have to pedal out the journey. Instead, they can kick back, relax, and enjoy the scenery while the grown-ups do the heavy lifting. With a load rating of 85lb (38.5kg), it’s perfect for kiddos aged 4-6 years old. Say goodbye to mid-ride meltdowns and hello to smooth sailing (or cycling) on your next family adventure!

Black and green Trail-A-Bike accessory.


Hit the city streets with your little explorers in tow using the Burley Bee kid’s trailer. It’s the ultimate companion for urban adventure with the kiddos, offering suspended fabric seating that’s comfy enough for one or two children (up to 100 lbs total). No worries about bumps along the way—the wheel guards have got you covered. Plus, the rear tailgate makes grabbing snacks and toys a breeze. Rain or shine, the included rain cover and splash guard keep the ride cozy, while internal pockets and a cargo divider keep everything organized. With its suspended fabric seat, every journey becomes a smooth and enjoyable adventure for your tiny passengers.


A black and yellow Burley kid's trailer.



Whether you’re cruising the city streets, tackling some challenging trails, or just enjoying a leisurely ride along the scenic routes, we have the perfect bike to match your pace and style. Our range includes everything from high-performance road bikes for speed enthusiasts to comfortable cruisers for those who prefer to take it slow and soak in the views. And if you haven’t tried riding an E-bike yet, get ready for ultimate ease & comfort! With our diverse fleet, finding the ideal bike to make your cycling experience enjoyable and unforgettable is a breeze.

Check out our full rental fleet pricing here.


Elevate your ride with our Premium Step-Through E-Bike! It combines the comfortable, upright riding position of our classic “Step-Through” City Bike with the exciting addition of a mid-drive pedal assist motor. This means you get that extra push when you need it, perfect for tackling hills or long distances without breaking a sweat. And with powerful hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll have full control and can stop quickly whenever necessary. Boasting a range of up to 90 kms, these e-bikes promise a day filled with effortless exploration. Plus, they’re versatile enough to be paired with a kid’s trailer, dog trailer, child seat, or trail-a-bike, making them the ultimate companion for any adventure. Ready to power up your journey?

A premium Norco adult e-bike.


Discover the city in comfort and style with the City Bike Step-Through! Designed for an easy, breezy ride, it features a sloping top tube that allows you to simply step through and get going. Its comfortable upright riding position and lightweight frame equipped with seven gears make it perfect for leisurely cruising along the seawall or zipping through the city streets. Plus, the handy front-mounted basket is just the right size for stashing away any small treasures you find on your urban adventures. Whether you’re out for a quick ride or spending the day exploring, this bike is your go-to for a fun and fuss-free experience.

A turquoise Norco adult step-through bike designed for city touring.


Gear up for an exhilarating ride with our City Cross bike! Perfect for adventurers looking to amp up their speed and agility, this bike is your ideal companion for slicing through the trails of Stanley Park or Pacific Spirit Park. Equipped with 24 speeds and hydraulic disc brakes, all on a sleek aluminum frame, it offers both performance and versatility. And don’t worry about fit—this dynamo can comfortably accommodate riders from 4’8″ to 6’6″. Whether you’re aiming to beat your personal best or just enjoy the thrill of the ride, the City Cross bike is ready to take your city touring to the next level.


An adult city touring cross bike in black.



These unique options are perfect for creating shared memories, whether it’s a romantic ride for two or a full family expedition with your pets in tow. With our diverse and inclusive selection, every family outing becomes an opportunity for bonding and exploration. Gear up for unforgettable moments and laughter-filled journeys with our other family bike rental options.


Hit the streets of Vancouver in style and double the fun with our eye-catching Ferrari Red tandem bikes! Perfect for family outings, these tandems are equipped with strong disc brakes for smooth stops and 24 speeds to make riding a breeze, no matter the terrain. Available in two sizes, 19″/15″ and 21″/17″ (measured by the front and rear Seatpost length), they cater to different heights, requiring the rider in front to be at least 5’7” (1.7m) tall. So, grab your partner and get ready to explore the city in a unique and exciting way on one of our vibrant red tandems. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

A Fiori red tandem bicycle.


Take your furry best friend on your next urban adventure with the Burley Tail Wagon pet trailer. It’s the perfect setup for city explorations, offering easy loading and a roomy interior that comfortably fits up to 1 dog (75lbs total). To make the ride even more enjoyable for your pet, don’t forget to bring along their favorite blanket—it’ll help them feel at ease and keep the trailer tidy. Just a heads-up: if the trailer comes back soiled or dirty, there’s a $50 cleaning fee, so that blanket is a win-win for keeping things clean and cozy. Ready to roll out with your four-legged companion in style?


A green and black Burley pet trailer with a black dog sitting in front of it.


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