Visiting Vancouver in February? You’re in for a treat. Enjoy the authentic West Coast weather and dig in to the attractions that run all year round. One definite perk of visiting Vancouver during its winter months is entirely avoiding the line-ups and the crowds.

One big buzzing center of activity all year round is cultural mecca Granville Island. It just so happens they are hosting a “Winterruption Festival,” guaranteed to be full of food, arts, live music and kids activities. The perfect way to spend a cold day!

1. Sustainable Seafood Walking Tour – David Suzuki and Seachoice has curated a walking tour of Granville Island, profiling the environmentally friendly seafood choices on the Island, and what being sustainable really means to seafood vendors. Experts will share tips about buying good seafood and how to prepare at home. Feburary 15 from 11am-1pm

2.Meet your Makers Tour, Spirits, Sake and Handcrafted Beer– John Lee, an award winning travel writer takes you along the paths less traveled on Granville Island to introduce visitors to the distillers, brewers and sake-makers that keep Granville Island spirited! Did you know Granville Island has an Artisanal Sake Maker? Learn the science behind Vodka making with Liberty Distillery, and stop at Dockside Brewing for their hand-crafted beer. February 20-21 Departing at 2pm Tickets are $15 




3. Buy a donut – Lee’s Donut’s is doing a special donut in honour of the Winterruption Festival. Do you need another excuse to buy a donut?



4. So much live music – Granville Island loves live music. Aside from their regularly scheduled talented buskers, there are a few performances to know about during these days in February. Many of these performances are totally free! So make yourself a schedule and get on down to a few of these great venues. Elkhorn, a hybrid of folk, jazz and and country. Grdina/Houle/Loewen with an improvised concert set. The End Tree have an eerie, folk influenced set that is sure to woo you into a delightful trance. SICK BOSS blends jazz with psychedelics. All performances are courtesy of Coastal Jazz, a fantastic local organization that hosts the TD International Jazz Fest every year. These shows provide something for every music taste.


The End Tree, photo by MCK-Photography

5.  Watercolour Snowflake Workshop – Presented through the Federation of Canadian Artists, head to 1241 Cartwright street to create your own snowflake with instruction by the Federation. There’s prizes to be won and this free activity is great for kids. February 19-21 10-3pm. 

6. Carnival Parade  – Stilt dancers leading a parade all around Granville Island! February 20-21 at 12:30pm in the Kids Zone

7. Maple Taffy – Canada’s Original Taffy – Could not resist one more event created specifically for our sweet tooth. Make your own Maple Taffy with Maple’s Sugar Shack February 20-21 at the Kids Zone

This lists only summarizes the great events happening throughout the Festival.

Visit The Granville Island Winterruption Festival Website for even more events!

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