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Length: About 4 hours. With detour to Prospect Point – approximately 5 hours
Tour difficulty: Easy. Optional detour has some steep hills

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Our most popular bike ride by far is a day exploring Stanley Park. The star attraction of the park is the 28 kilometre long, uninterrupted pathway. Construction of which began almost 100 years ago to protect the shore from erosion due to passing ships. Stanley Park and this self-guided tour are heavily rooted in first nations history, as the entire park remains as unceded First Nations territory. The Park yields monuments, art pieces and attractions as well as a thousand acres of temperate rainforest that make the park an enriching experience.

  1. The Drop – A work by Inges Idee, a group of four artists from Germany and Sweden. It is one of the tallest pieces of public art in Vancouver, a gesture to this city’s relationship with water – rain, ocean and otherwise.
  2. Lost Lagoon – A quick detour underneath the overpass will bring you to Lost Lagoon, named after a poem by Pauline Johnson. The lagoon used to be connected to the ocean through a canal and completely empty during low tide; hence it’s name! Families with children will also enjoy stopping at the Stanley Park Ecology Society for an educational activity or two.
  3. Totem Poles and Legends of the Moon Coffee and Gift Shop – The most visited tourist attraction in BC, the totem poles each have a unique history. Stanley Park has hosted totem poles from all over BC from as early as 1880. Many are replicas as the originals were moved to museums for preservation. A first nations woman whose mother was born in the park carved the most recent totem!
  4. Girl in a Wetsuit – not to be confused with Copenhagen’s “The Little Mermaid”, Elek Imredy’s bronze sculpture, “Girl in a Wetsuit” was installed in 1972 and remains a landmark for passers-by on the water and on the seawall.
  5. Kid’s Water Park – The kid’s water park comes complete with a kid’s dryer! A picnic area and fantastic viewpoint.
  6. Beaver Lake – Follow the signs to Beaver Lake! A popular stop on our tours, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. The beavers only come out at dawn and dusk, but their habitat can be viewed, as well as the efforts to cohabitate a salmon hatching stream and a beaver dam.
  7. Prospect Point (More difficult) – Cycle up the hill to the history-rich views and café that is Prospect Point. It used to be a signal station until the Lions Gate Bridge was installed. Now the viewing platforms are a great photo-op and a fantastic spot to take a break with some coffee.
  8. Hollow Tree – With dedicated volunteers, the hollow tree withstood the windstorms of 2006 to provide more tourist photos for years to come! The tree is massive and underwent a restoration to ensure its safety.
  9. Third Beach – This is a hot spot for a local hang out. Lock your bike and stay a while! The beach also offers great views of Kitsilano, the North Shore and Siwash rock.
  10. Old Growth Trees – Hop back onto the trails for more exploring! The old growth trees survived the windstorm and they are a rarity in this day in age! Keep an eye out on large old stumps for notches made from a historical practice of felling trees using springboards.
  11. Two Spirit Stump – 40 feet off Rawlings trail in a clearing is a carving. It is not very well known, no one knows who carved it! It is truly a hidden gem as locals post on social media about “finally finding it!”
  12. Second beach pool – Is the ocean a little cold for you? Stop at Second beach’s heated pool to go for a dip. With a picnic area and a playground this is a great spot for families or groups to stay a while.
  13. A-Maze-Ing Laughter – This art piece by Yue Minjun became a permanent fixture in Vancouver Public Art after inspiring endless gleeful interaction from the public. Make sure to bring the camera for this stop!

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