Cycling in Vancouver is a fun and easy way to get around the city and to get the most out of your day. There are a few things to know about our city and the cycling network that will help integrate yourself into the cycling culture.

1. Cycle with the flow of traffic – To ensure the most visibility, cycle with the flow of traffic whether it be bicycle, pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

2. Avoid sidewalks– It is a law in BC that sidewalks are for pedestrians only. With the bicycle lane network in Vancouver, you won’t have to walk along the sidewalks very long.


3. Pass other bicycles on the left, just like a car – This is especially important on the narrower points of the seawall. It can be disorienting to have someone rush by on your right! It is also appropriate to call out “on your left!” before overtaking a slower cyclist.

4. You can hop on a bus, Skytrain or Seabus – This fact expands your radius of adventure exponentially. Explore North Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Park, or Richmond by hopping on a bus (they all have capacity for two bikes), a Skytrain (during non-peak hours) or the Seabus. The bike racks can be intimidating at first, but here’s how to do it. 


Veloporter 2 bike rack on Translink bus


The bike racks are really easy to use!

5.  Bike theft is a serious issue, please lock your bike securely – Sadly, even if you are popping into a coffee shop for five minutes, ensure your bike is locked to a proper bike rack securely. Bike thieves will stop at nothing.

6. Check the weather before you ride – Nobody likes being caught in the rain; in Vancouver especially the weather can change in a matter of minutes. Be sure to bring appropriate gear for whatever you encounter

7. You will find hidden gems – One of the best things about exploring by bike is being able to stop and take in your surroundings without having to find a parking spot! This is especially key in Stanley Park, where driving through is certainly selling this massive park short. However, walking through the park can be tiring! Cycling is by far the best medium for seeing it all, just ask TripAdvisor.

8. Bike over the bridges  – Some of the best views and feeling of achievement happens when you bike over the bridges. Burrard Street Bridge and the Lions Gate Bridge offer two unique views in all directions. They also have completely separated bike lanes!

9. The trails in Stanley Park are bike accessible – Biking around the seawall is definitely fun, but going into the park is where you will find Stanley Park’s legendary big trees, little bits of history, different viewpoints

10. The “AAA” network stand for “All Ages and Abilities”  – Plan your trip accordingly using Vancouver’s All Ages and Abilities network for an accessible, easy ride for your entire group!

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