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In recent years, Vancouver has blossomed into a global food destination. We have an incredibly diverse array of cuisines from all over the world, and many restauranteurs who strive to be the best they can by using high-quality, local ingredients whenever possible. And with new restaurants opening up seemingly every week, you could live here your whole life and never try them all.

But if you do live here your whole life, there’s one thing you’ll certainly have to try: hills. Vancouver is a hilly city, there’s no getting around it. Here at Cycle City we believe (and many would agree) that the absolute best way to see Vancouver is by bicycle. But if sweating it out up a long incline isn’t your favourite way to get to dinner, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Pop down to our Hornby St. location to rent from our expanding fleet of electric bicycles, then our staff will point you in the right direction to these five excellent restaurants situated at a farther distance or a longer climb than many may be willing to make on a regular bike. Let’s go!

Biercraft Bistro

With over 120 Belgian and craft beers, cask pours, and a regionally-inspired shareable menu, Biercraft Bistro is a staff favourite for a casual, boozy lunch or an after-work snack. Tuck into moules and frites or a fire-grilled burger, and enjoy an extensive selection of local and imported beers, with a writeup about each beer so you really know what you’re ordering. Insider tip: they’ve been pouring sour beers since wayyyyy before it was cool. ;)

Biercraft Bistro is located at 3305 Cambie Street, 5.3 km and 62m in elevation gain from our Hornby St. location. The above photo is courtesy of Biercraft.

Vancouver restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Savio Volpe.

Savio Volpe

Savio Volpe is an open, airy, fine-dining establishment styled after the traditional Italian osteria, rustic food using local ingredients with an emphasis on freshness. Their pastas are handmade each day, and meat and fish are cooked over the wood-fire grill and rotisserie. Look forward to mouth-watering dishes like spatchcocked quail, ricotta gnocchi with morels, and zucchini with wild sea asparagus. And of course, the wine list is extensive.

Savio Volpe is located at 615 Kingsway, 5.6km and 57m in elevation gain from the Hornby shop.

vancouver restaurants

Photo courtesy of The Acorn.

The Acorn

The Acorn is the Georgia Straight’s #1 rated Vegetarian + Vegan restaurant in Vancouver, and for good reason: these dishes have style. With an ambitious, aesthetically-inspiring menu serving up vegetable-focused food like you’ve never seen it before, The Acorn is redefining what it means to go meat-free. Fill up on kelp-salted roasted oyster mushrooms and house fettuccini with wild ramp pesto, before indulging in a lemon cashew cheesecake for dessert.

The Acorn is located at 3995 Main St., 5.6km and 78m in elevation gain from the Hornby shop.

Vancouver restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Havana


With a sun-drenched streetside patio, sangria by the pitcher, and a fun, flavourful menu dishing out Cuban-fusion classics like ceviche, creole shrimp, and grilled achiote marinated octopus, Havana is a not-to-miss spot in East Van. They’re open for brunch, lunch, and dinner on the daily, and an intimate 60-seat theatre in the back regularly plays host to live performances including music, dance, theatre, and weekly comedy.

Havana is located at 1212 Commercial Drive, 4.5 km and 36m in elevation gain away from the shop.


Seasons in the Park

No list of elevated Vancouver restaurants would be complete without the restaurant at the top of the hill: Seasons in the Park. Located in Queen Elizabeth Park, the highest point in Vancouver, Seasons is a locally-inspired, upscale dining experience offering incredible views of the Vancouver city skyline with the North Shore mountains looming in the distance. Enjoy classics like a Sunday prime rib dinner, pizzas and pastas, or stop by for a weekend brunch with a mimosa and a caesar.

Seasons is located in the middle of Queen Elizabeth Park, off West 33rd Avenue at Cambie, 7.4 km and 128m in elevation gain away from our Hornby location.

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