Sunset Cycling in Vancouver

Originally published: March 29, 2017

Updated: April 5, 2024

We love bike share and think it’s a great addition to the various transportation options that the city has to offer.  It’s perfect for direct commutes that are 30 min or shorter. The following is a quick comparison to help you choose the best option for exploring Vancouver by bike:


Most recreational riders and visitors spend 2 – 5 hours (or more!) exploring Vancouver’s extensive seawall, Stanley Park forest trails, and neighbourhoods.  Vancouver is an extremely bike-friendly city so use your bike all day to get the best experience! Let’s compare rates as of Spring 2024. As you can see, Cycle City beats every price except for the 30 minute price.

Prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar for ease of comparison. 

Company Classic Bike Rental Pricing 30 min 1 hr 5 hr  9 hr
Cycle City Minimum 1 hr, from $13 $13 $13 $39 $89
Mobi $1 Fee + 29¢/min $10 $19 $89 $158
Company Electric Bike Rental Pricing 30 min 2 hr 5 hr 9 hr
Cycle City Minimum 2 hrs, from $46 $46 $46 $69 $92
Mobi $1.75 Fee + 39¢/min $12 $49 $119 $213



Mobi bikes are durable, but are heavy and come in one-size suitable for adults only. They come with an attached basket and helmet.

Woman riding a Mobi bike on a bridge in Vancouver.

Cycle City offers light-weight recreational bikes that are upgraded each season and regularly tuned by our knowledgeable service team.  We carry best-in-class City Touring Bikes, Premium E-Bikes, Tandems, Performance Road Bikes, Youth Bikes, and all sorts of accessories and trailers.  Our rental stock is extensive with a full size range to choose from. All Cycle City rentals include a lock, handlebar bag or basket, helmet, and a free map.

A smiling woman person on a Cycle City premium e-bike riding around Vancouver with fellow cyclists.


Cycle City staff are experts on touring Vancouver by bike and take time with each visitor to advise on route, activities, and food!  Free self-guided tour maps are available at our shops (physically and digitally), and a rental takes a just a few minutes so you have more time to ride. Our team loves recommending routes based on your preferences, so let us know what you’d like to see and we can guide you.

Mobi is a self-serve kiosk and you must create a membership online before checking out a bike.


Mobi has dozens of stations set up in a limited radius circling downtown Vancouver.

Cycle City is conveniently located downtown near most hotels and transit.  The shop is located on a safe, separated bike lane that connects to the Seawall and Stanley Park.  The shop is open during daylight hours, with longer hours during the summer. Bikes can be kept overnight a most hotels should you wish to keep the bike longer and inexpensive multi-day rates are offered.


Mobi is the perfect choice for commuting from place to place or as an extension of transit and rides less than 30 minutes.  Their stations are convenient and available 24 hours.

Cycle City has the equipment, expertise, and competitive prices to make for an outstanding city bike rental experience. They have convenient locations and offer top-rated guided tours and free self-guided maps.

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