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In Vancouver, where a passion for handmade pizza meets a love for biking, it’s all about the journey and the tasty slice waiting for you at the finish line. For folks who dig the freedom of the open road as much as they crave that tangy marinara, here’s your go-to guide to bike-friendly restaurants that boast the best pizza in Vancouver. Each spot is a winner in craft and flavor. Gear up for your next bike adventure with our guide to nailing the perfect ride & slice combo.

Love for the Specialized Pizza Rack

The Specialized Pizza Rack, available now from Cycle City Vancouver.

Unique in design, the Specialized Pizza Rack serves more than mere function. It signifies the commitment of its owner to two things integral to Vancouver lifestyle: sustainability and taste. Adorning one, a rider is immediately part of the city’s foodie & cycling subculture, promising to pursue the best flavors, unhindered by conventional transport.

Cycling and Pizza: A Perfect Pair

Cycling and pizza? Yep! Both are all about savoring life’s simple pleasures at your own pace. Picture ending a ride with a sunset beach picnic or enjoying your pizza underneath a tree on a sunny day. Sounds dreamy, right? Pizza is the ultimate handheld snack or meal for cyclists on the move, and it’s also great for sharing with your ride crew.

Every pedal stroke brings you closer to finding that perfect slice in the city’s best pizzeria, and thanks to a pizza rack, your hot meal arrives in perfect condition. So, what makes cycling and pizza such a winning combination? It’s simple. They fill our lives with joy, foster a sense of community, and reward us in the most satisfying way.

Our Top Vancouver Pizza Picks

Margherita pizza from Marcello Pizzeria.

Marcello Pizzeria

Marcello Pizzeria, nestled in Commercial Drive’s eclectic charm, specializes in Neapolitan and Sicilian styles, a blend to impress any purist. Ride towards John Hendry Park/ Trout Lake Park and savor your slice amid the lakeside serenity.

3 different pizzas from Virtuous Pie.

Virtuous Pie

For those with a penchant for plant-based options, Virtuous Pie serves up innovative and gourmet vegan pizzas that can convert even the staunchest meat-lover. Located in Chinatown, grab your pizza and cycle up to the scenic Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden to enjoy your non-dairy delight in tranquil surroundings. Note: visit the free side of the garden to enjoy your grub- the paid side doesn’t allow food- you can save it for after you eat!

Two pizzas and a salad from Via Tevere.

Via Tevere Pizzeria

This family-owned pizzeria embraces generations of expertise in crafting authentic Neapolitan style pizza. Located near Victoria Drive, it is the perfect spot to pick up a classic Margherita and head to Victoria Park for a serene break.

Pepperoni pizza from Di Beppe.

Di Beppe

A charming Italian cafe by day and buzzing pizzeria by night, Di Beppe offers a varied menu featuring both the classics and unique, seasonal pies. We love their pepperoni cups! Conveniently located in Gastown neighborhood in downtown Vancouver, grab your favorite and eat it at Concord Community Park along the seawall. The park features lots of space to sit, plus ping pong, beach volleyball, and more.

Deep dish pizza with crispy edges from AJs Brooklyn Pizzeria.

AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint

Specializing in the New York tradition of pizza and dubbed the slice you can’t refuse, AJ’s Brooklyn Pizzeria is favored for its generous toppings and foldable slices. Located just off Main Street, take your deep dish to the iconic Dude Chilling Park and eat among the trees.

Two pizzas and an appetizer from Pizzeria Barbarella.

Pizzeria Barbarella

At Pizzeria Barbarella, the pizza is celebrated as an art, with offerings that exemplify the unique pizza personality of a city known for its creativity. Nestled in East Van, grab a pizza slice and relish it at the nearby China Creek North Park, a local hidden gem perfect for people watching with a grass field, dog park, and a playground for the kids.

Three thin crust pizzas from Nook.


Nook’s intimate spaces and wood-fired pizza have solidified it as a local favorite. With 4 locations to choose from, each one offers it’s own perks. Grab some pizza from their Denman St location & head to Stanley Park for a bite among old growth trees. Their Olympic Village location is calling for a bite along the seawall, while their Kitsilano location is perfect for a beach slice. They also have a Shipyards location in North Vancouver, offering a bite with epic views of the city.

Ride through the city and along scenic paths, holding onto that precious pizza box. Merging two of Vancouver’s favorite activities – biking and eating pizza – is the perfect combo of staying active and satisfying your food cravings. The city’s pizza places really show off its cultural mix, and they’re all just a bike ride away, adding adventure to every corner. Keep your wheels spinning and your pizza warm.

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