Sunset Cycling in Vancouver

Vancouver is a great city to explore by bicycle, thanks to a comprehensive system of bike paths, dedicated bike lanes and greenways for cyclists to navigate. That said, cyclists in Vancouver are often sharing the road or path with vehicles and pedestrians, with many busy hotspots in downtown Vancouver and the surrounding residential areas.

Want to know how to cycle safely in Vancouver? Here are 6 tips on cycling safety.

1 | Be Visible When Cycling

In addition to must-have front and rear bicycle lights, we recommend making your frame, wheels or body a bit more visible at night or in poor visibility conditions. Reflective wheel stickers are durable enough to survive Vancouver’s rainy season, and are a great way to add visibility to your bike without compromising on style. For the rider, reflective bands can make a big difference to overall rider visibility.

Lezyne Mini Drive Bike Light Set
Lezyne Mini Drive 400XL/KTV Pro Set

2 | Upgrade Your Bicycle Helmet

Bicycle helmets have come a long way since their 19th century origins. Keeping up to date with modern helmet technology is important not only to prevent fatalities and reducing brain injuries, but for better comfort, fit and breathability – especially on those hot Vancouver summer days!

Look out for helmets with Mips technology – a patented protection against “rotational violence” caused by angled impacts. One of our best sellers is the Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet.

Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet
Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet in HiViz

3 | Get a Bicycle Crash Sensor

In need of someone – or something – to call for help when you can’t? Sensors such as the Tocsen crash sensor or Specialized’s patented ANGi sensor can do just that.

With ANGi, through a pairing with the Specialized Ride App, if it detects a crash it commences a countdown that you can stop and keep riding (if you’re ok). However, if ANGi determines that you’re in need of help, it’ll send an alert to your selected contacts with your last known GPS coordinates and a help message.

Specialized ANGI Crash Sensor
Specialized ANGI Crash Sensor

4 | Be Weather-Ready for Riding

Vancouver’s temperate climate means that cycling happens most of the year-round, however with our close proximity to the coast and the mountains, it’s easy to get caught out with a swift change in weather conditions.

We recommend investing in a good waterproof, high visibility jacket and decent cycling gloves for unexpected cooler or wet conditions (and make sure you carry sunscreen in the summer!)

Gore Wear Women's C5 GTX Active Trail Hooded Jacket
Gore Wear Women’s C5 GTX Active Trail Hooded Jacket

5 | Be Heard Whilst Cycling

City of Vancouver cycling laws require cyclists to have a bell or device capable of being used as a warning. Keep it subtle and stylish in looks, but noisy enough to be heard with the Mirrycle Incredibell Clever Lever Bell.

Mirrycle Incredibell Clever Lever Bell
Mirrycle Incredibell Clever Lever Bell

6 | Secure Your Bike

Bike safety also means mitigating the chance of bike theft, so investing in a robust bike lock will help keep opportunists away. Kryptonite’s Evolution Standard U-Lock might be on the more expensive end but is worth every penny in keeping your bicycle in safe hands (your own!)

Kryptonite Evolution STD U-Lock
Kryptonite Evolution STD U-Lock

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